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Syzygium Sunset Delight 

The vibrant orange tips on the new growth of this fabulous Lilly Pilly will set your garden on fire. It’s so striking. Colourful and Pysllid resistant.

We love it because it makes the perfect hedge.

Evergreen, bushy from the ground to the top. It clips out beautifully at around 2 metres and can be made shorter.

The natural height in optimum conditions is 2.5 metres and about 1 metre wide. Its slender compact habit makes it the perfect hedger for urban gardens.

Tolerant of a wide range of conditions Sunset Delight will withstand some pretty harsh treatment. However we suggest good care and nurture to ensure a premium plant and a luscious hedge.

Plant at 50cm for a quick thick hedge.


Nandina Magical DayBreak 

This is a fabulous form of Nandina, only growing to 50cm it makes a very stylish informal garden border, no clipping or trimming required. 

The impressive ferny foliage is vivid green, the new growth is copper red and in autumn winter, the red intensifies. The contrast of  the greens against the red is startling,  Magical Daybreak works well planted in clusters, or as single, “hello” look at me plants.

Nandina Magical Daybreak is the ideal plant to add in to combination plantings in containers. A plant that is always performing year round. If you’re looking for a plant for long troughs Magical Daybreak is an excellent choice.

Tolerates part shade to full sun, we suggest you get the your plants of Nandina settled and growing well with a bit of TLC, feeding and good moisture. Once grown in and established they can tolerate a bit of neglect and forgetfulness. Although they are so striking you’ll never not notice them.


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