Snow Maiden

Is one of the best alternatives to English Box. It’s faster growing, more adaptable, disease resistant and dry tolerant.
Truthfully it’s one of Carl Heyne’s top ten favourite plants. 

This premium selection of the rhapholepis family is glorious in all stages. with its very dark green foliage that reflects light, bouncing shining shadows through the plant, the veins and stems have a very classy light russet colour that offsets the dark foliage superbly. The copper coloured new growth on Snow Maiden is only surpassed when the plant bursts into an amazing display of early spring flowering. 

Growing to around a metre in height, these plants are available in 20cm pots that for hedge planting we’d suggest you space at 3 to 4 per metre. This will give you a full impressive hedge within three years, with good garden sense and nurture. 

Rhapiolepis Snow Maiden is an excellent choice, it’s a tough and handsome hedger for S A Gardens.


Lime Tuff

With so many lomandra’s on the market, how do you choose which one?

Lime tuff is our recommended selection for Adelaide gardens, as it really stands up to our harsh conditions with ease.

It’s an elegant fine leaf form, and planted en masse makes huge garden impact.  

Strong and quick growing Lime Tuff never looks ratty. We vote it the #1 choice for Adelaide gardens

Plant in groups or combine in containers with other plants and create WOW. 


Viburnum tinus

This plant should be listed in the plant hall of fame.

It’s been a popular and ever performing garden plant for decades. It is almost Indestructible.

Tolerant of anything that South Australian climates can throw at it Viburnum tinus, laughs at frost, drought & wind. 

A true hedging classic, or stand alone small tree, or a relaxed shrub to hang out where no other plant dares.                                             

Always on song - quick growing - super hardy, We all love Viburnum tinus

Grows up to 3 metres