Salvia Megan’s Magic 

Growing to about 80cm high this little Salvia will knock your socks off.
Once settled into your gardens or pots Megan will literally perform magic. 
Flowering right through the summer and into the autumn.

The ivory white flowers push out from a royal purple coloured tube, or calyx which gives the floral display an elegant two tone colour. 

Loose and relaxed in the garden Megan’s Magic works in well with other salvia’s with silvers and blues and looks amazing with yellow and orange colourings.

Small nectar birds, bees and butterflies are attracted to this beautiful Salvia too.

ignition purple Salvia

ignition purple Salvia

Salvia White Velour

A stunning pure white form of salvia that will flower from Summer through to the end of Autumn.

It is tolerant of part shade performing well in less than full sun positions.

Growing to into a loose bush of 90cm x 90cm.

Give it a little room to fill out and show off, you’ll be impressed with its long flowering stems and vigour.

The colour, white really lifts the spirit of the garden, you’ll find white Velour brings a crisp fresh joy to your outdoor space and it’s adored by the honey eaters and butterflies.

Buddleia Cran Razz

Buddleia Cran Razz

Plectranthus Velvet Elvis

What a stunner and true garden performer.
This particular plectranthus is very compact in form, a tight grower that will provide a tidy burst of autumn colour. 

Growing to only 70cm, Velvet Elvis looks sensational when planted in clusters and groups in the garden, creating a swathe of purple in the garden.

Long flowering, Velvet Elvis also has shapely leaves that have a slight purple colouration to them, a well groomed plant Elvis know to match the collar with the cuff. 

Plant Velvet Elvis in containers in mixed combinations, it will match perfectly with greys and whites and other purples and mauves.

Happy in Sun or Shade, this a plant that will provide you fantastic garden interest at a time when there is not a lot happening in the garden.


Plectranthus Final .jpg