Salvia Ignition Purple

Looking for an explosion of purple in your garden?

This hardy dry tolerant salvia literally ignites colour and movement to a garden or pot.

Once it bangs into flower in late Spring Ignition Purple refires and refires, flower continuously into the last warm days of autumn.

This is a compact fast growing performer, It looks amazing planted with yellow, silver, or grey flowering, foliage plants.

Plant Ignition Purple in pots in the garden plant it anywhere you have space, it will bounce out at you and lure butterflies, bees and joy to your special space.

It will take full sun, and is also happy with a bit of dappled shade.

Clean up and prune coming into spring, feeding at this time is also beneficial. This is a plant that doesn’t a lot of feeding, once a year is just fine.

Growing to about 40cm high and 60cm wide 

ignition purple Salvia

ignition purple Salvia

Buddleia Cranrazz

Such a glorious plant! Smells like sweet lilac, these cranberry coloured long flowering panicles  are butterfly magnets. Colourful and totally deliciously scented, if you can’t see it in the garden you’ll delight in discovering by its sugary scent.

Cranrazz is a tight tidy version of a beautiful family of plants, Buddelia. This version is fabulous, growing into a round shrub about 1.5m by 1.5m. 

Happy to live in our tough SA climate, dry tolerant and hardy give Cranrazz full sun or a bit of light shade.

Looks amazing as an informal hedge, plant in groups or tuck into the back of flowering beds for big impact. 

Well behaved, feed in spring and watch it burst into bloom late summer and into autumn.

Buddleia Cran Razz

Buddleia Cran Razz