Electric Pink

Dramatic and Electric star will add colourful  interest to your pots and garden. A hardy plant it can create both smart, sharp design or soft pretty impact in your garden. This form stays compact and will not form a trunk, it grows to about 1.5m high.

Chocolate, raspberry and soft caramels colours stripe the leaves, they are fine and strappy,  For full sun to light shade positions. Plant this fabulous Cordyline in containers, combine them with other striking plant shapes and colours.  Importantly, plant them. Cordyline Electric Star is water thrifty and perfectly suited to South Australian gardens.

Enduring Summer Red

Enduring Summer Red

Dwarf Agapanthus 
Snowball and Baby Pete.

Both of these fabulous colour options White (Snowball) Blue ( Baby Pete) are dwarf form of the agapanthus.

Characteristically they are super hardy, non fuss rewarding plants. 

Both will grow to a clump of about 50cm.

A unique and extraordinary attribute of these dwarf Aggies is that they flower and flower. 

When they’re done, they don’t set seed. So they are non invasive.

Fabulous for edging garden beds, create large drifts for colour over hot summer days, fill pots and containers to the brim. 

They are beautiful version of a basic bread and butter plant.

Super hardy, well behaved

Both grow to around 50cm high & wide. 

snowball and pet.png

Rhaphiolepis ‘Oriental Rose.’  

What a Cracker Jack plant!

Rhaphiolepis, or the Indian hawthorn are sturdy plants.

This form is stunning.

When it’s in flower from spring into summer it is smothered from head to toe.

It is a pink flower bomb! Growing to only 1.5m high makes it a perfect small compact hedge or little barrier. 

Very suited to South Australian conditions as once settled it requires very little water, tolerates pretty harsh conditions and will tolerate light frosts.

It’s a handsome, high performing plant when it’s not in flower and just a damn show off when it is..

Raphiolepis Oriental Pink.jpg