Perpetual Peace 
White Agapanthus.

White is a wonderful colour to use in the garden, particularly in summer.

Cool colours calm our eye, chill down the garden and bring a sense of tranquility to our outdoor spaces. White is the only “colour” we can see at night, when the evening temperatures keep us outdoors it makes sense to use a lot of summer white in the garden.

Perpetual Peace is a fabulous option in the agapanthus range. It’s a dwarf growing plant so perfect for trimming the edges of the garden, lining the driveway and filling gaps and containers.

It’s super tough, dry tolerant and once it begins flowering it doesn’t stop for MONTHS. It’s unbelievable, a repeat flowering Aggie. it starts in late spring and goes right through to into depths of autumn.
One of the many valuable attributes of Perpetual Peace is that it makes unviable seed, no threat to our bushlands and natural open spaces.

It’s a terrific tough and stylish agapanthus.

Perpetual peace Agapanthus

Kangaroo Paw - Landscape Gold.

We love that we can fully say “check it out” ! This range of Kangaroo Paws have been tried and tested  for years around Adelaide by our Landscapers and it’s AMAZING. 

Driving about in the zones during late spring you’ll be seeing swathes of the landscape range of Kangaroo paws.
Glorious and golden, Landscape gold flowers it’s head off. If you are looking for a show of stunning Kangaroo paws this is the one. 

Tough and dry tolerant, one of the valuable features of Landscape Gold is it’s disease resistance, you will get years out of Landscape Gold.

Stunning impressive plant for use en masse, or for a single pop of colour.

Kangaroo paws are loved by butterflies and honey eaters, this is a native you have to have.

Keep them on the dry side once established and use a native fertiliser to keep them happy and hoppy!

KP LG SAG site .jpg

Erigeron Spindrift.

A super hardy, easy to grow, flowery fabulous version of a garden stalwart.

Spindrift keeps itself very tidy, making a compact dome of full on flower.

The flowers change colour as they open to when they finish, you’ll have white, pinks, soft reds with splashes of stamens, golden yellow, it’s a little Van Gogh painting in your garden or pot. 

Make a statement plant a few together, combines beautifully with most plants happily.

Loves full sun and although dry tolerant it does like a bit of a drink and feed to keep chugging along.

Erigeron spindrift.jpg