Rhaphiolepis  Oriental Pearl.

his is a terrific variety of Rhaphiolepis - Oriental pearl is tough and super hardy, it makes a perfect hedge particularly in challenging positions. The dark leathery green leaves are compact and the plant makes a general rounded shape of about 1m high and wide.

Oriental pearl bursts into full white bloom in spring creating an impressive show.
It’s elegant stylish and easy to manage. Once settled Oriental Pearl copes well with periods of dry and is not bothered by frost, or coastal environs.
We recommend for hedging you plant at 4 per metre.

Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl.

Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl.

Kangaroo Paw - Frosty Red

Create a stunning display with this glorious, and much loved native - the Kangaroo Paw.
Frosty red is a new form of Kangaroo Paw that has been bred for disease resistance that combined with the natural resilience and adaptability of this striking Aussie Native makes it a must have for the garden.

Plant in clusters or large swathes or use it in  a stylish combination in containers, 
Use a native fertiliser, and keep on the dry side. 
Birds and Butterflies will welcome this plant into your garden.

Kangaroo Paw Frosty Red

Kangaroo Paw
Frosty Red

Nandina Obsession

This is a great name for this lovely Nandina as we are a bit obsessed with it. As it’s such a beaut performer, at any time of the year it looks impressive. It’s hardy and tolerant of a wide range of environments.

Plant it in tight groups or as informal hedges or as a intermediate planting between other taller and lower growing plants to make a real statement. Growing to around 70cm high Nandina Obsession is a “can’t go wrong” kinda plant.