A nature strip is not called nature for nothing

A recent announcement that the Marion Council was offering synthetic turf to residents as a lawn alternative has ignited a huge discussion around this confusing solution, to what is being purported as a tiresome chore; mowing the nature strip.

Low maintenance, non mow plants abound, we have 100’s of beautiful, elegant and classy options for nature strip plantings and lawn alternatives.

Let us list a few flat liners and no mowers that will create amazing impact, and would lift more than the value of properties and community pride.Creative thinking and planned solutions could inspire our neighbourhoods to hum with colour life and beauty.

A community proud of its street presence, encouraging people out and into their shared spaces, to admire and enjoy their neighbourhood imbued with civic pride.

Imagine our nature strips filled with flowers, grasses, herbs, providing luscious habitat for butterflies and bees, and harmony for humans.

Do we really want to lean on our front fence and gaze into a fraying, dusty plastic mat that will become toxic land fill in 5 years?

A choice to band aid over, what is essentially a lack of creativity and vision, robs us all of the opportunity to take pride in our streetscape, and to create a natural and beautifying, community connection. 

Browse a list of sensible, sustainable options for South Australia below

Myoporum parvifolium

Trachleospermum - flat mat

Grevillea thelemanniana Baby

Kennedia prostrata

Juniperus squamata prostrate

Lantana montevidensis - This photo shows a planting with no irrigation or serious nurture.
This variety has permitted use in South Australia.

Carpobotus rossii

Combo plantings work superbly-

  • Westringia ( Aussie box or Jervis Gem)

  • Poa labillarderi/ poiformis

  • Scaevola mauve clusters

  • Goodenia ovata gold cover

  • Eremiphila maculata ( glabra forms would also work)

  • Correa glabra or reflexa

  • acacia ligulata prostrate

Mondo grass never needs a mow, a dark luscious green treasure that is set and forget.

Liriope Emerald Cascade

Ground cover roses make a spectacular show and covering.

Thyme, and ground cover rosemary for fragrance and deliciousness.

Kangaroo paw Fabulous