Poco Orange

Poco Orange is the dwarf form of super popular commonly know perennial
The red hot poker. This form is knock out and will impress you with it’s super hardy habit, extensive flowering time and it’s vivid extraordinary colour.

If  you’re looking to bring honey eating birds and beautiful vivid colour to your garden, make space for Kniphofia Poco Orange.

This is a dwarf form of Kniphofia and it behaves perfectly in the garden. It grows in sweet clumps to about 30cm high.

The colour of the flowers is truly vibrant and this works to attract your eye to sections of the garden, contrast with blue flowering plants or fill dark coloured pots and planters with Poco Orange for full on impact.

For Impressive effect Kniphofia is best planted in swathes, groups or borders. 
You’ll get months of flowering value from Poco Orange - 

It is a perennial plant so you may find it retreats over the cold winter to return in spring. 
Give it a good feed then (spring) and watch it plump and build up for another year of flower and garden drama.

You’ll find Poco Orange at your local garden centre or plant selling chain stores.

Make sure it’s SAGrown so it’s suited too
and performs appropriately in your SAGarden.