The Gallipoli Rosemary

So perfectly suited to South Australian Gardens, The Gallipoli Rosemary really is a must have for all of us.

For Many Reasons
The wonderful legend of it arriving in South Australia back in 1915 from Anzac Cove.
The Legacy the plant creates with part of the funds of it’s sales being given to support the Avenues of Honour Project.
It grows and performs so magnificently in our climate.
It’s versatile, grow it as a hedge or as a single plant.
Gallipoli Rosemary is fragrant, super useful and delicious.
Bees love love it.
Tolerant and forgiving.

A plant that symbolises remembrance and respect.

Plant in full sun or sun for most part of the day.

The Gallipoli Rosemary has it’s own song also
Listen here

Make sure it’s SAGrown so it’s suited too
and performs appropriately in your SAGarden.

Gallipoli Rosemary