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It's the

The Blue Pearl is an evergreen Blueberry.
Most ordinary Blueberry plants are deciduous, The Blue Pearl is evergreen, it holds onto it's leaves all year round.

The Blue Pearl™ is such a wonderful plant to grow and own, it is a must have for every household that loves eating blueberries. You'll need a few plants to keep up supply as once you've tasted your own grown berries, life will catapult into another stratosphere! 

The Blue Pearl™ is tough and hardy, and well suited to South Australian Gardens, it's not afraid of frosts, in actual fact, some winter chill and frost compliments the plant and encourages good fruit production. 

The plant will begin to flower in early spring with the fruit ripening in late spring and summer.
Pick the fruit from the plant often, and store in the fridge or freeze it. Blueberries freeze superbly and you can quickly and easily build up your stores, handful by handful.

As you’ll need a many plants to keep up with demand, we encourage you to begin with at least a few plants, rather than just, The Blue Pearl™prefers a crew to hang with.  Grow The Blue Pearl™ in long rows, you can clip and make them into formal hedges, or just let the plants free form as lovely informal lines or even swirls or curves. They are fabulous in pots and containers too, there are many options for mass planting The Blue Pearl™ into your garden or outdoor space.

Grow them in light shade or full sun, they prefer an acidic soil so if in doubt of your soil PH use a camellia and azalea fertiliser, this is ideal for keeping the plant super healthy and productive and ever so gently raising your PH levels.

The Blue Pearl™ is a fun and productive plant and the perfect project plant for kids.
Deliciously versatile, The Blue Pearl™evergreen Blueberry will work beautifully in your South Australian outdoor space.
Grows to about a metre high and wide.