Why Is Ed sitting in the Wheel Barrow?

Because he’s overjoyed, and we think maybe he doesn’t know what a wheelbarrow’s for?

Ed took out 2nd prize in Heyne’s Footy Tipping Competition for 2017

It was a hard fought contest, with many game-changing decisions made. Bold and brave, David from Ball Australia came through in 1st place and was rewarded with a $600 gift of Heyne’s plant stock of his choosing.

Ed won the fabulous wheelbarrow, hot pink garden shovel, esky and a shelf full of garden essentials from Garden Grove Landscape Supplies.

3rd Prize of a $50 voucher from Newton’s Building supplies went to Jarrett from Trend Scape.

Top work tipsters!

All winners were announced this morning at our Spring BBQ!

An annual function we hold at Heyne’s, a morning of Egg and Bacon Rolls, hot coffee, industry gossip and tours of the Nursery. We invite our trade and landscape clients to come and check out our fabulous ranges of stock and have a meet and greet with our team. It’s a special day on our calendar and it was brilliant to see so many of our valued clients attend.

Each year our Footy Tipping Competition expands, with more entrants and more terrific prizes. High fives to John Stevens who runs the competition, a fair and honest man, we are looking forward to next year. John is preparing already, we’ll keep you updated.

Meanwhile if you see Ed and he’s still in that barrow, use that pink shovel and give him a lift….if you know what we mean?