What’s Hot – Planting Now October


Look for these STUNNING TREASURES in your local garden centre in OCTOBER.


Belonging to the evergreen Michela family. Princess Cleopatra is from this large and expansive family of terrific garden shrubs – or small trees.

Princess Cleopatra will smother herself with a cloak of sweet fragrant flowers.

Petite and well behaved this is a wonderful choice if you’re looking a hedging plant or screen. Plant close to door and walk ways so her intoxicating late winter fragrance is enjoyed. She will spot flower through the other seasons.

Will grow up to 3 metres however is very easily kept smaller with pruning.

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The foliage is so dark we call it black, fill your pots and garden edges with the beautiful frilly skirts of this low growing dramatic plant.
Combine with Liriope silverstar and cascading Dichondra silver falls in a pot for a show stopping display year round display.

Huechera varieties grow in cushion like mounds of around 30cm x 30cm making them ideal for little informal hedges or edging. They are gorgeous pot plants, mix them with annual flowers and strappy foliage to create a mesmerising combination planting.
Flowering in springs Huechera produces threads of stems studded with pretty little bell shaped flowers, sweet with delicate fragrance.
They will thrive in light shadowy gardens.

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Some plants just have a place in the proven performers hall of fame and Grevillea Scarlet sprite is one of them.

A hard working little native, that is rarely out of flower.

Grows to 1 metre with an even mound shape.

Birdies and butterflies love scarlet sprites, nectar rich blooms, and all the sweet little hiding spots to be found in amongst it soft needley branches.

Frost tolerant, Scarlet sprite copes with dry conditions, it’s happy in light shade or full sun.

It’s a winner, fabulous to grow, it will give you way more than you’ll give it.

It’s a people pleaser for sure!

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