What’s Hot in MAY

Euphorbia lipstick.

What a little beauty, hot pink and as hardy as heck.
Lipstick will happily live indoors in a bright light position, or outdoors in a protected, dry, covered area. Patio’s and outdoor dining areas are a popular hang out for Euphorbia Lipstick.

Create a wonderful group planting in a bowl or basket for amazing impact.

Avoid overwatering these little girls, keep them dry.

We suggest you give them  a good even watering them let them dry out completely this could be weeks, before you water again.


Duranta Geisha Girl

Is so pretty with its dainty racemes of purple flowers, the blooms edged in white are a delicate flower, however it makes a huge display as they are bountiful in hundreds and thousands, as they explode in arching colour.

Duranta is a “quick” grower and will reward you with a 2 metre shrub in around 12 -18 months with your encouragement and nurture.

Use Duranta Geisha Girl  to make a speedy, impressive, informal hedge. They make a lovely statement in the garden and work well in containers too.

Butterflies love the colour and sweet nectar of Duranta Geisha Girl, making them the perfect addition to the butterfly and fairy section of your garden.

As the autumn extends you may enjoy the yellow berries that will appear, this is an added bonus to enjoy into the winter.

Loves the heat and enjoys a position in sun or shade.



We are featuring these beauties for a fabulous blast of showy colour.

Loud and bright you can also enjoy your mandevilla indoors for a few days, if your looking for some cheery colour.

This form of Mandevilla are classed as a “ramblers” or gentle climbers they will twine up ever so timidly, a selection perfect for a small trellis or “tomato” frame style in large pots.
Growing up to around 2 metres,
they are a well behaved, sun loving and rewarding colour bomb.