The Adelaide space race begins with a tree.

As Adelaide combs its hair in preparation for the international astronautical congress, this week, we are preparing one of our super sized trees to be launched into space via a crane. The three metre Crepe Myrtle is one of the first of many trees and plants that will make up the gardens of the exciting landscape project at Bohem apartments by Starfish Developments.

Bohem apartments is positioned in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD and will feature a huge vertical wall of planting that will festoon the apartments with greenery and colour. Rooftop and pool deck gardens will defy the reality of apartment living, with this extraordinary natural green zone, a garden in the sky.

Heyne’s are thrilled to be involved with this landscape project, providing all of the plant species that will come to live at Bohem apartments.

If you’re in town on Friday the 29th of September at 11am, gaze up into sky and you’ll see a Lagerstroemia Indian Summer, Biloxi, (crepe myrtle) being skillfully craned up and on to the rooftop of the Bohem apartments. The crepe myrtles are just beginning to wake from their deep winter’s sleep, this tree may certainly wonder what the heck has happened as she wakes up and finds herself metres into the skyline.


Bohem Apartments 150 Wright Street, Adelaide