Saturday April 14th is Garden Releaf day supporting Beyond Blue.

Mental health issues affect people from all walks of life and income levels.

Every day in Australia an average of eight people take their own lives.

Supporting Beyond blue assists them to equip everyone in Australia to protect their mental health.

With support Beyond Blue can advocate for positive change and better outcomes and opportunities for the many who experience anxiety, depression and suicide risk.

The handsome succulent Kleinia, Trident blue is the official plant of Beyond Blue.

A resilient and easy to care for plant, it has striking, powdery blue coloured stems that are shaped in a, trident sort of fashion?
Trident blue is perfectly suited for areas that require a low growing toughie, Trident blue combines easily and attractively with other plants making a super “popper” for containers, hanging baskets, or courtyard colour.

Saturday the 14th of April is the day to join in the Garden Releaf promotion at participating Nurseries and Garden Centres.

Heyne’s wholesale will be donating an additional $1 per Trident blue sold tomorrow, to Beyond Blue.