Redlove Apples now perfected for SAGardens

Recently introduced and now perfected for South Australian Gardens.

It’s not often that a “new” tree variety ticks so many boxes that you scratch your head with wonderment; you’d almost say this is the “perfect” tree. Redlove™ apple has an extraordinary linage and story. Heyne’s Wholesale have given it a South Australian Grown edge, and made it available and suited for South Aussie Gardens.

The Redlove™ apple descends from the wild red-fleshed apples found in the marginal zones of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Western China.

Through a circuitous route via East Germany, this wild red apple, found itself in the gentle hands of a Swiss plant breeder, named Markus Kobelt.

After twenty years of development and perfecting in Switzerland, the Redlove™ apple finally bore fruit, a glorious red to the core apple, tangy, with sweet berry flavours, an apple like no others. The tree lavishly decorates itself with these attractive mid sized rosy red apples in autumn giving it an instagram appeal and a homely beauty.

Combine this with a handsome coat of burgundy coloured leaves, vivid, magenta pink, spring blossom and a petite and tidy habit, and you have a very fabulous and productive tree.
Growing to around 3metres high and wide, Redlove™ is a small tree that will offer plenty of design applications. Packed with so many features and design elements the Redlove™  apple offers scope, versatility and inspiration for creative plantings and is tipped to be the landscaper’s tree of choice for 2018

Heyne’s Wholesale have been trialing and perfecting Redlove™ apple to cope with the harsh and extreme climate that belongs only to South Australia.

Acclimatised and field grown out on the northern plains of Adelaide, this SAGrown Redlove apple is now available and ready for landscapers, garden designers and South Australian Garden retailers.

From the hands of Swiss perfection, as you’d expect, Redlove™ is resistant to apple ailments, handsome through all the season’s the Redlove™ apple is a combination of both style and practicality, so Swiss and now, so South Australian!

Heyne’s Wholesale have available now a supply of  SAGrown Redlove™ apples trees, in 300mm pots, for garden retailers and landscapers.

Pic Kelly Sikkema