Gillian Rolton an inspirational home town hero.

As we packed up all our gorgeous plants that adorned this weekends, 3 day equestrian event, we sadly make homage to Gillian Rolton, a champion equestrian, a gold winning Olympian, the event director of the South Australian 3DE and a home town South Australian Hero.

Gillian Rolton died on Saturday of cancer.

Know for her many contributions to the equestrian world of sport, Gill is proudly remembered by all flag waving South Australians for her ride in the equestrian team event at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Her performance in this one ride demonstrated the courage and will that defined her as a most extraordinary athlete. It was a display of tenacity, determination and the power of not giving in. Part way through her ride Gill falls from her horse, Peppermint Grove, in defiance of the excruciating pain of broken bones, she remounts and continues on, only to fall and remount a second time to complete the section of her ride that secured the gold medal.

Watch it here

Heyne’s were extremely proud to be involved with the 3DE, and honoured to have met Gillian Rolton. A little star stuck and overwhelmed but totally honoured.
Gillian will be remembered for a litany of achievements through her lifetime, we praise her South Australian provenance and her inspiring grit, and pluck.

Gillian Rolton tours Heyne’s Wholesale in 2016 with the very star struck Carl Heyne.