Getting Vertical

Vertical Gardens, we love them!

This clever use of space really creates impact, a blast of nature into the zones that would traditionally have been the domain of the flat and boring, the dull and lifeless, now walls can spring to life with lushness and colour enlivening and enhancing our urban spaces and cities.

This modern day landscape solution, the vertical garden, has rather recent origins.

Let’s forget about King Nebuchadnezzar and his passionate gift and wonder to the world, the hanging gardens of Babylon.That glorious tiered tower that rose from the Babylonian desert, a sky garden full and overflowing with plants lush and verdant, flowering and fragrant, created to lift the spirits of his Persian Queen, Amytis with reminders of her homeland. This was way back in the day, 635 BCE to be sort of precise?

We could technically call the gardens of Babylon a vertical garden however we really must attribute the vertical garden to the inspirational horticultural creative, Patrick Blanc.
Blanc commenced experimenting and growing vertical wall gardens in the late 1990’s. His first design and method installed internally on a wall of his apartment in France.

Blanc’s inspiration for his wall gardens came from of course, nature. He marveled at the spectacular limestone Islands of Halong Bay in North Vietnam. Spearing ten’s of metres from the water the mystical island mountains are a topped with lush cascading tropical plants, and crowned with rainforest. This vision inspired a thought that would not leave Blanc, it took him on a landscaper’s odyssey that continues today and has created a paradigm shift in landscape solutions for urban space and city buildings, internally and externally across the world.

Vertical gardens are big business and in hot demand in Australia. Heyne’s Wholesale, are producing the SAGrown plants that work here in South Australia. Collaborating in with developers, designers and landscapers who wish to take the garden up and onto the walls and vertical spaces of urban zones.

When asked by awarding winning designer David Baptiste to select and grow a range of plants for a truly jaw dropping garden project, Heyne’s Wholesale were adapted to grow for the challenge, producing the selection of plants that brought the design of the wall, literally to life.

Using the unique click in componentry of the Atlantis Gro Wall system ensured the plants were fully grown and anchored in, established and ready to take off and thrive in their new environment. This is crucial to the success and finish of a vertical garden; the plants must be growing and fully established in their housing prior to the installation.

This stunning feature wall garden was installed in mid November by Habitat landscapes to Baptiste’s latest North Adelaide garden project.

A true collaboration of skills sets, smart design and clever manufacturing has manifested in a brilliant result.

Heyne’s Wholesale are developing a selection of plants perfectly suited for the purpose of creating stunning plant walls, on offer to landscapers, designers and retailers to seamlessly integrate grown and ready to use plant life for impressive vertical gardens.

Creating a vertical garden is now as possible and as accessible as putting together a “back yard blitz”. We think that Patrick Blanc will be impressed, as for King Nebuchadnezzar we can only imagine?

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